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We develop people developing businesses

Great companies produce great results

It is a characteristic of outstanding companies that they are better than the competition in developing the organization.

Aksena supports businesses in establing tangible mechanisms for internal business development.

Our contribution

We provide training and guidance

During the past 20+ years, we have designed a timeless business improvement system (BIS) based on Lean, Six Sigma, Agile, Process Management and Balanced Scorecard. BIS handles both strategic and operational improvement needs. BIS includes 3 key mechanisms:

  1. Strategy deployment: Business analysis and identication of the right improvement initiatives
  2. The processes for continuous improvements in the line organisation
  3. Structure for implementation of improvement projects (including digitalization)

BIS must be adapted to the customer’s needs. Our courses and our guidance give you the necessary competence to get started on the journey towards ambitious goals.

Customer survey

Aksena has the ability to adapt theories to business needs

We asked the CEO of five companies that Aksena has worked with the past 8 years: On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is best: What is your overall satisfaction with Aksena?

Statement from CEO of an international company:

“I know no one else with the same holistic knowledge. Knowledge based on studies and relevant experience. Aksena has the ability to adapt the theories to the needs of our business.”

Our customers are the best references of our work. We are happy to connect you with our customers when relevant.