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Together with our partners we are building knowledge of strategic improvement work in ambitious enterprises.


Meet our partners


South- and North America

Brazil: Celerate | To the website.

Celerate is a Brazilian training and consulting company that helps organizations accelerate development and reach their maximum potential. By involving people, increasing their knowledge and linking continuous improvement methods to long-term strategy, Celerate generates robust changes, which last throughout the life of organizations.


Malaysia: Kita Focus Solutions | To the website.

Kita Focus Solutions (KFS) is a small company with experienced people who are passionate about improvement work. KFS has clients in the Far East in production, the automotive industry and the energy sector. With KFS’ long experience, they know what it takes to succeed. This learning is put together into solutions, ready for all types of businesses to use. The main focus is to build capabilities through an integration of tailor-made solutions that involve training, implementation and coaching of clients.




"Aksena has demonstrated a holistic approach to improvement work that creates enduring great results. We therefore choose to send all our managers and selected key employees on courses. This standardized knowledge of business-oriented improvement work is crucial to our success!"

CEO in a manufacturing company, Norway