We develop people developing businesses

We have been doing this since 2002.

Our enthusiasm and commitment is focused on developing and communicating the knowledge of what it takes to create great business results.

For whom do we exist?

We want to work with partners and customers aiming for sustained, great business results. 

Our main focus is to build customers’ internal capabilities through training and mentoring. Our ambition is to offer the market’s best course portfolio in the field of internal business development based on Lean, Six Sigma, Agile, BPM and BSC.

The journey to great business results


Our services

Some companies want our assistance in the initial phase of planning and deploying processes for internal business development. Our contribution will then typically be:

Support for top management
and improvement experts in the planning and implementation of a business improvement system.

Support for top management
in picking, scoping and follow-up the right improvement projects.

Conduct in-house training
and provide support to improvement projects.

About our courses
Our courses are designed for different roles and responsibilities in the company. The most comprehensive courses are designed for managers and subject matter experts running the business improvement program. Shorter (virtual) classroom and e-learning courses are designed for managers and employees engaged in the execution of improvement initiatives.

Henning Bakken

Partner and Senior Advisor
Henning is a partner in Aksena and is working as a strategic advisor, as a training instructor and in the development of digital solutions. He has a long experience as a manager in international business. Key responsibilities has been within implementation, execution and governance of improvement programs based on Lean, Six Sigma, BPM and BSC in larger companies.

Related experience

  • Significant experience as an instructor within CI.
  • Facilitator for workshops, both for top executive management, middle management and team leaders for operational processes.
  • Established, developed and led central expert groups supporting the business units in their improvement work.


  • Manager for a central Lean expert team in Aker Solutions
  • Development Manager and acting CFO in Vestre Viken Hospital Trust
  • Marketing and Export Manager in Utel Systems
  • Key Account Manager and Department Manager in Telenor


  • BsC BI (N)
  • DNV certified ISO 9001 auditor (N)
  • Certified LOTS-coach
  • Six Sigma Black Belt 2005 and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt 2010 (N)
  • BPMN certified (Germany, 2014)
  • Process Design and Management certified (FCB Partners)


  • Lean and Six Sigma
  • Strategy process (Hoshin Kanri)
  • Improvement projects (DMAIC, A3 and 8D)
  • Process mapping
  • Facilitation
  • Maturity analyses
  • IT-supported improvement work

Ingrid Helene Bakken

Ingrid Helene Bakken
Ingrid Helene started in Aksena 2019 works with development of e-learning portfolio and support to sales and marketing activities. The responsibilites include new, digital solutions and she is contributing converting the training material to new, modern educational platforms.

Related experience

  • Educated from the Norwegian school of Business and Administration (“BI”).
  • Worked part time within sales and marketing.
  • Good knowledge within social media.


  • Bachelor in Business Administration, specializing in Finance
  • Part-time position in Marianne S


  • Two external WhiteBelt certifications
  • Aksena Yellow Belt certification
  • Global Capital Market Solutions (GCMS) Trading Diploma
  • Bloomberg Market Concepts


  • Video animation
  • Training/academy solutions
  • Basic skills within continuous improvement and internal business development

Sven H. Danielsen

CEO and Senior Advisor
Sven is the CEO of Aksena and is responsible for development of the company's core competence. Externally he offers strategic consultancy services and works as a lead instructor. His core competence is related to the Business System companies need to establish sustainable great results.

Related experience

  • Course instructor for more than 100 courses with duration of 6 to 16 days
  • Author of three books
  • Top management consultant for planning and implementation of business excellence programs


  • Co-founder and Managing Director for a technology company (Spin-off from Telenor)
  • R&D in Ascom Technologies (CH)
  • R&D in Ascom Radiocom (CH)
  • R&D in Norwegian Defence Research institute (N)
  • R&D in Telia (S)


  • PhD, Telecommunication, NTNU (N)
  • Master of Science, Electro/telecommunication, NTNU (N), Chalmers (S)
  • Six Sigma Black Belt, Sandholm Associates, (S)
  • Balanced Scorecard (Balanced Scorecard Institute)
  • Scrum Master (v/Geir Amsjø)
  • Process Design and Management certified (FCB Partners)


  • Lean
  • Six Sigma
  • Strategy process
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Business Process Management
  • Agile methods

Setting ambitious goals is easy. Delivering on this ambition is far more difficult. We have studied theories, mapped best practices and worked with companies with the ability and will to achieve great results. We want to continue to learn and create value together with the best.

Sven H. Danielsen, PhD, Black Belt.