Start date: 18.10.21 / Virtual classroom

Green Belt Lean Six Sigma

This 8-day course provides a thorough introduction to Lean, Six Sigma, selected parts of process management (BPM) and Agile methods.

Six Sigma is presented as a practical and business-oriented method for standardized implementation of all improvement projects.

Lean with the relevant additions includes best practice methods, tools and processes that the organization needs to ensure operational control and continuous improvement.

Start date: 13.12.21 / Virtual classroom

Black Belt – Lean Six Sigma

This 8-day course is designed for leaders and professionals driving the work to improve the organization's performance. It's about building understanding of what it takes to create outstanding business results.

It includes the courses "strategy deployment and organizational development" and "analysis and visualization of business data"

Start date: 17.01.22 / Virtual classroom

Analysis and visualization of business data

This is a 4-day course for managers and professionals in companies requiring fact-based decisions, fact-based improvement work and fact-based control of the performance of products and processes.

You will learn about methods and tools for standardizing the visualization and analysis of business data.