Start date: 25.01.21 / Online course

Black Belt – Strategy & business development

This is a comprehensive course designed for leaders and experts with a business architect mindset. You want to understand more about what it takes to produce outstanding business results.

You will learn about methods, tools and management structures needed to achieve ambitious strategic goals. Key mechanisms for making this happen is the strategy process, the structures for process management and end-to-end product/service management.

The course covers important parts of Hoshin Kanri (from Lean), Balanced Scorecard, Business Process Management (BPM), Value Stream Management, Jim Collins research findings and methods to identify opportunities and threats in the business environment.

Start date: 16.02.21 / Online

Yellow Belt

This course provides an introduction to methods and tools for successful execution of improvement projects using practically applied Six Sigma.

Start date: 01.03.21 / Online course

Green Belt

This course provides an in-depth understanding of how Lean and Six Sigma can be used to achieve better operating performance.

Six Sigma as a practical method for carrying out all types of improvement projects.

Lean includes methods, tools and processes to ensure operational control and continuous improvement.