9 reasons to take the Black Belt course

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You may have already read about the Business Improvement System (BIS): The system your business needs to make the changes and improvements necessary to achieve business goals.

The importance of BIS is supported by the findings of world renowned researcher, author and speaker Jim Collins. Jim Collins has for more than 25 years studied what great companies do differently compared to their competitors.

Although the overall mechanisms in BIS are the same for all companies, the details must be adapted to the needs of the company. This work should be done by a team of business architects who design the future state and support the implementation.

Aksena’s Black Belt course is designed for people who develop businesses; That is, business architects who want to build a comprehensive, business-driven Business Improvement System.

The theories that the course conveys are based on Lean, Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard, Business Process Management and best practices from many medium and large companies.

The list below gives you 9 important reasons why you should spend time, energy and resources on completing Aksena’s Black Belt course:

9 reasons why you should choose Aksena’s Black Belt course

1. The course has a business focus

Improvement work with good intentions, but without a clear business focus, is rarely in demand. Therefore, we train you in tools and methods based on business needs, process needs and customer needs.

2. The course goes into depth while preserving a holistic approach

One cannot build a house without understanding drawings. We therefore spend a good deal of time building the overall understanding of a business improvement system, before considering the details. In addition, it is absolutely necessary for your impact internally that you, through your communication, show that you understand what internal business development using BIS is all about. The same holistic understanding is also absolutely necessary in order to make good, long-term plans towards ambitious goals.

3. We practice using tools and engage you in discussions

Understanding tools and methods is best built through a combination of theory and practice. Therefore, at the Black Belt course, we spend more than 30% of our time on practical assignments and discussions. We recommend that you prepare by thinking about internal issues and opportunities so that these can form the basis for relevant exercises in the course. This way you can get from theory to action faster when you get back to work.

4. The course is of high quality and relevance

The course material is based on experience with similar material from 3 central international consultancy companies, 3 international industry groups, review of numerous articles and books in addition to input from, and collaboration with, managers and professionals in well-known Nordic companies since 2002.

5. External speakers share their experiences

At the course you will meet lecturers who, after many years of targeted improvement work, are still enthusiastic – because they succeed in their work and see that it produces desired financial results. They present their experiences of building and using business improvement systems, for inspiration and learning for you as a course participant.

6. Methods and tools described in the course are internationally recognized

They are also not licensed. Thus, no new software is required to support the implementation of a business improvement system.

7. Participants are very satisfied

Survey of customer satisfaction shows that the participants at the Black Belt course are very satisfied. On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is the best, the course evaluations are always above 8.

8. You meet exciting people from other companies

At the course you meet like-minded people. Common to all is the ambition to be great. Our experience is that participants from the courses often visit each other to learn. During the course we will also talk about other businesses that you can visit to gain further insight into specific solutions and experiences with the business improvements system.

9. Last but not least: You strengthen your own competitiveness

Knowledge of the holistic mechanisms needed to improve the performance of a business never goes out of date. The Black Belt education, combined with the associated experience with operational use, is therefore very valuable on the resumé. 

The course helps to strengthen both your business and your own competitiveness. This is what you could call the best of both worlds. 

What kind of positions do the typical course participants have?

Common traits for many of our course participants:

  • Top executives who want to “own” the knowledge of what it takes to be outstanding
  • Leaders responsible for business development (internal and external business development)
  • Operational managers
  • People responsible for quality management and control
  • Department managers who need to be in control and improve the performance of the unit
  • Project owners for improvement projects
  • Project leaders for improvement projects
  • Lean managers, Black Belt candidates, Lean navigators and Lean coordinators
  • Project management members

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