Ambitious goals? Then build a strategic improvement system

– Updated 28.03.2023 – Estimatet readtime: < 1 min

For businesses having ambitious goals, it is vital to develop formal processes ensuring timely internal business development. As the enterprise grows, it is a continuous need to develop both the structures and the competance of leaders and the employees. A strategic business improvement system (BIS) should take care of this need.

The main components of a strategic BIS

A Business Improvement System consists of five main components:

  1. A training program that will enable managers and employees to plan, build and implement BIS
  2. A subprocess in the strategy process that identifies and defines necessary improvement initiatives
  3. A standardized approach to defining, implementing and following up improvement projects based on practical Six Sigma
  4. A comprehensive structure to ensure operational control and continuous improvement. Such a structure should be base on Lean, Agile and Business Process Management. The structure should involve everyone
  5. An overall management process for follow-up, replanning and communication

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