Why choose Aksena’s Business Improvement System

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If the company has ambition to be outstanding, it is necessary to specify the work on internal business development. A comprehensive, business-driven business improvement system (BIS) will address this need.

Here we describe Aksena’s proposal for a BIS and why you should choose just that.

The main components of Aksena’s BIS

A Business Improvement system consists of five main components:

  1. A training program that will enable managers and employees to plan, build and implement BIS
  2. A subprocess in the strategy process that identifies and defines necessary improvement initiatives
  3. A standardized approach to defining, implementing and following up improvement projects based on practical Six Sigma
  4. A comprehensive structure for continuous improvement based on Lean. The structure should involve everyone
  5. An overall management process for follow-up, replanning and communication

There are many proposals for systems that will ensure continuous improvement of the company’s performance.

Why choose BIS?

Companies with an ambition for outstanding results need a system to meet the overall need for improvement. BIS is designed with this in mind.

Here are eight good reasons to choose this system:

  1. The system is relevant to all units in the organization
  2. The system does not require software (IT support)
  3. The system has a business focus. That is, the system includes mechanisms that ensure that improvement efforts challenge existing practices and target strategic goals, including financial goals.
  4. The system addresses the organization’s needs for identification, prioritization and implementation of ongoing improvement needs that are detected through day-to-day operations.
  5. The follow-up of the improvement work can easily be integrated into the management’s existing follow-up structures.
  6. It drives the organization towards a fact-based and results-oriented improvement culture.
  7. The system can easily be adapted to the needs of the business.
  8. The system includes a module-oriented course that can be adapted to the needs of the business.


Download you guide to implement BIS in 8 steps


The content of the BIS is updated every six months. We have done so since 2002. Updates are a result of:

  • Interviews with top executives responsible for implementing Lean and other relevant management initiatives
  • Collaboration with managers and professionals in major Nordic businesses implementing BIS
  • Participation in the implementation of BIS in medium and large Norwegian companies
  • Review of management books and relevant professional articles
  • Ongoing acquisition of views from Aksena’s course participants

BIS can be seen as an integration, adaptation and further development of important parts of the management initiatives Lean, Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard, Business Process Management and Agile methods.

We have presented good reasons for choosing Aksena’s BIS. Maybe you are motivated to learn more? Maybe you have questions? Click the button below.

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