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How should Lean and Six Sigma be integrated?

Lean and Six Sigma are two terms that are commonly used when talking about improving the operational performance of a business. Maybe you’ve already heard of them? In this post, we give a brief introduction to Lean and Six Sigma before we look at the relationship between the two. What is Lean? Lean is a… Read more »

9 reasons to take the Black Belt course

You may have already read about the Business Improvement System (BIS): The system your business needs to make the changes and improvements necessary to achieve business goals. The importance of BIS is supported by the findings of world renowned researcher, author and speaker Jim Collins. Jim Collins has for more than 25 years studied what… Read more »

How to implement improvement projects using Six Sigma

Do you need to complete improvement projects to improve quality, flow, delivery precision, efficiency or productivity? Then Six Sigma can be recommended. But what exactly is Six Sigma and how do you use it in your improvement projects? Six Sigma (6S) is a leadership initiative originally developed by American Motorola. 6S includes the standardized approach… Read more »